IDIAG P100® (without User Set)

IDIAG P100® (without User Set)


Do you already own a personal User Set, but now you want your own Idiag P100? You can buy this Idiag P100 without User Set.

The IDIAG P100 incl. charger, battery (Caution: not included is the User Set).



Features of the IDIAG P100:

  • Multiple modes: free workout, strength, endurance, and interval training
  • Automated respiratory muscle training
  • Resistive respiratory muscle training
  • Breathing depth, breathing frequency, breathing resistance and force threshold can be individually set
  • Control and monitoring via flow, pressure, and CO2 sensors
  • Performance testing to measure performance and training progress
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly
  • Training instructions via touchscreen or optionally via the IDIAG P100 App

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