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About the Idiag Academy

For more than 30 years, Idiag AG has set itself the goal of improving people’s health, performance and quality of life through innovative applications. In order to be able to guarantee this quality standard, we require a high-quality and permanent training of the users of our products. At the Idiag Academy we try to convey this to the participants through our face-to-face training in theory and practice. 


Training for beginners and professionals
Idiag gears this training towards medical professionals who make recordings with the Idiag M360® and are responsible for analysing and interpreting the data. 
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Idiag P100


P100 Live workshops for customers
In this workshop customers can test and get to know better the Idiag P100.


Training for trainers & therapists
Idiag gears these courses towards Idiag Respiration Centers, doctors, physiotherapists and trainers from and for sport and medicine.
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Training for professionals
These Idiag courses are geared towards medical professionals who instruct patients on the Idiag STMedical.
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This practical workshop is aimed at coaches, therapists, personal trainers as well as sports physicians and athletes.
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Events about Idiag
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Trade fairs

Trade fairs attended by Idiag
DGAUM | 2nd-5th of September 2020 | Munich, Germany
CORPORATE HEALTH | 20th-21st of April 2021 | Stuttgart, Germany


Profit from various advantages and a competent community of professionals as a designated Idiag Center.

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What is the difference between the Idiag M360, MediMouse and SpinalMouse?

These three names refer to one and the same product. The MediMouse and the SpinalMouse were renamed on the 1st of March 2018 and are now known as the Idiag M360.

After an Idiag M360 recording, what information is available to me as a patient?

The results contain important clinical information on posture, mobility and stability of the back. The doctor and physiotherapist need this data and use it to prepare the best possible treatment, therapy or holistic health plan for the patient.

What is the operating principle of the Idiag M360?

During the recording, the device records the vertebrae’s distances and positions in the x, y and z planes. This information, combined with known anthropometric data about the vertebral body dimensions, is necessary in order to calculate the relative positions of the sacrum, the vertebral bodies and the angles between them using a complex algorithm.

What do the reference values of the Idiag M360 relate to?

The reference values for patients were determined via standardised recordings from people without back problems and matched to the respective gender and age group. The data acquisition occurs at the Institute for Learning in Motion – Health Promotion (Institut für Bewegtes Lernen – Gesundheitsförderung) in Vienna, Austria, and at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.

What is the difference between the Idiag STMedical and the Idiag SpiroTiger?

The Idiag STMedical is used in therapy, e.g. for pulmonary, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular diseases. This device enables medical and personal monitoring of training, and allows 4 user profiles to be stored. The Idiag SpiroTiger enables the same respiratory training effect as the Idiag STMedical.

How is the initial bag size determined for the Idiag STMedical and Idiag SpiroTiger?

The bag size equates to around 50% of the previously determined vital capacity. If the determined bag size differs from the standard bag size, the bag is removed accordingly via the bag clamp. Here, the width of an index finger corresponds to around 0.2 litres.

How do the Idiag STMedical and Idiag SpiroTiger work?

In order to strengthen the respiratory muscles, stronger breathing is necessary. Here, it is important to keep the CO₂ constant, as strong respiratory elimination of CO₂ can cause dizziness (hyperventilation). Rebreathing of the CO₂-enriched air from the bag enables the CO₂ content to be kept within normal limits. Opening the valve causes additional O₂ from the external air to be mixed with the respiratory air. Thus, this functional principle of normocapnic hyperpnoea means more breathing, while the CO₂ content is kept within normal limits.

Does basic insurance cover the costs of the Idiag STMedical?

If prescribed by a doctor, the respiratory therapy device Idiag STMedical is covered by health insurers’ basic insurance as of the 1st of January 2012 in Switzerland. The Idiag STMedical is either prescribed by the doctor, to be hired for three months, or by the pulmonologist, for purchase. The patients are instructed and supervised by medical professionals from an accredited Idiag Respiration Center.

What does Moxy show?

Moxy measures two parameters that are interlinked; SmO2 and tHb. The way in which these parameters change we are informed about the muscular relationship between the supply and demand oxygen. If SmO2 increases supply is greater than demand. If SmO2 decreases supply is less than demand. If SmO2 remains relatively stable or unchanged oxygen supply and demand is equal.

What can I use Moxy for?

The SmO2 parameter is a bioenergetics parameter. Oxygen is a primary component for energy production in the muscle and therefore SmO2 is a bioenergetics parameter that is most effectively applied to training focussing on bioenergetics. This involves the production of energy in the muscles as the limiting factor. This is the case for most forms of extended or repeated exercise from HIIT to steady state exercise. Where SmO2 as a parameter are not optimally used is in, for example, guidance of 1RM.

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