• IDIAG P100®

    or at 69 /Month as Subscription*
    The Idiag P100 is the world’s first all-in-one respiratory system trainer which provides individual respiratory muscle training in the form of strength-, endurance- and interval training. Includes Breathing Bag, Air Guide, Hand Strap, Mouthpiece and Nose Clip Includes a voucher for a 30-minutes instruction, access to complete training documentation and support via phones or email. Important notice: This device demands a high standard of hygiene and therefore we cannot accept returns without additional costs. Only devices returning in their original packaging and unopened can be returned at no cost, all other devices that are returned will result in additional costs.
    *The rental price is charged monthly from the selected payment method and is plus a one-time signing fee of 299 in the first month. The minimum duration is 6 months and there is an option to purchase the IDIAG P100 at a later stage.
  • Do you already own a personal User Set, but now you want your own Idiag P100? You can buy this Idiag P100 without User Set. The IDIAG P100 incl. charger, battery and Hand Strap (Caution: not included is the User Set).
  • The Personal User Kit contains one air guide, one breathing bag, one mouthpiece and one nose clip. User kits are not bound to a specific P100 hardware. Personal user kits facilitate sharing of P100 hardware without neglecting hygiene management.
  • The Air Guide provides both a mechanical function and a measuring function when inserted into the P100 hardware. Each Air Guide is equipped with a unique serial number through which connection to the P100 hardware is established. The Air Guide saves the most recent training results and personal settings in order to make switching of hardware a user friendly experience.      
  • Case

    The new case allows you to take the Idiag P100 with you wherever you go and to keep it safe at home.
  • The size of the breathing bag can be adjusted according to the user’s needs by using the roll down closure system. The bag is made of TPU and can be chemically sterilized or heat-sterilized to ensure hygiene after repeated use.
  • The P100 mouthpiece has a comfortable fit that allows for repeated and long use. Its shape was designed to ensure ideal function while minimizing pressure marks.
  • The adjustable gooseneck mount comes with a variable clamp and can be installed wherever you like for handsfree training with the Idiag P100. Length: 40 cm.
  • The Hand Strap provides better grip when training with the P100. It comes with two magnetic contacts which can be attached to the P100. The Hand Strap is available in two lengths. The standard length is 200 mm, however a longer 240 mm strap is also available. Use the text field to indicate the desired length.