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The Idiag P100 is the world’s first all-in-one respiratory system trainer which provides individual respiratory muscle training in the form of strength-, endurance- and interval training.

Includes Breathing Bag, Air Guide, Hand Strap, Mouthpiece and Nose Clip

Includes a voucher for a 30-minutes instruction, access to complete training documentation and support via phones or email.

Important notice:
This device demands a high standard of hygiene and therefore we cannot accept returns without additional costs. Only devices returning in their original packaging and unopened can be returned at no cost, all other devices that are returned will result in additional costs.

*The rental price is charged monthly from the selected payment method. The minimum duration is 12 months and there is an option to purchase the IDIAG P100 at the end of the subscription.



With the Idiag P100, the function of the respiratory muscles can be improved through active breathing exercises. Offering a wide range of training modes for the respiratory muscles, the Idiag P100 allows its users to train their respiratory system as a whole. The combination of endurance, strength and a combinational training (interval) is unique among respiratory muscle trainers and only possible thanks to the patented sensor-based technology of the Idiag P100. Sophisticated and assessment-oriented, the Idiag P100 has been engineered to achieve maximal improvements in your respiratory system. Download the Factsheet Idiag P100.

Features of the IDIAG P100:

  • Multiple modes: free workout, strength, endurance, and interval training
  • Automated respiratory muscle training
  • Resistive respiratory muscle training
  • Breathing depth, breathing frequency, breathing resistance and force threshold can be individually set
  • Control and monitoring via flow, pressure, and CO2 sensors
  • Performance testing to measure performance and training progress
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly
  • Training instructions via touchscreen or optionally via the IDIAG P100 App

NEW: Idiag P100 as a subscription

Do you want to test the Idiag P100 as a subscription? The Idiag P100 is now available for subscription! 

Use the advantages of the subscription model: During your subscription (minimum term 12 months), all wearing parts will be replaced free of charge, you‘ll have access to all of our training material and you‘ll get to visit Idiag organized trainings for free. At the end of your subscription, you will get to keep your personal user set (worth 249.-)

Option to purchase: If you decide to purchase the device at the end of your subscription, all your subscription payments made within the past 12 months will be counted towards the purchase price. 

More details in the Subscription Terms and Conditions


2 reviews for IDIAG P100®

  1. Patrick

    I really love this respiratory muscle training device! I can take it everywhere with me and with the intervall mode I can train higher intensity in shorter time. That’s perfect for the everyday life!

  2. Jonnixrubix

    I think is a really good idea to have a P100 at home. For me, to train the respiratory muscle is like train the core of your body. Every of the two tools are important to improve in your sports!

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