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Are you a triathlete and want to improve your performance?

Meet the Idiag P100 respiratory muscle trainer. The Idiag P100 offers respiratory muscle training for strength, endurance and interval training. The different types of training combined in one device enable new training concepts. Each discipline in triathlon makes very different demands on physical performance. The respiratory muscles can be trained specifically for each discipline. A short training session of only 10-15 minutes per day is effective and it is also possible to do respiratory muscle training with the Idiag P100 during sport-specific loads (e.g. cycling).

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Every breath during your swim requires a turn of the head and thus poorer gliding behavior. The lower you can keep your breathing frequency, the more efficiently you swim. Well-trained respiratory muscles help keeping the breathing frequency lower during exercise. In addition, the resistance training in the Idiag P100’s interval mode simulates the pressure of the water on the chest.


Aero is everything? Not at the expense of your breathing! Due to the aerodynamic position, the expansion of the chest is restricted and thus hinders breathing. The diaphragm can also no longer properly expand. The Idiag P100 can be used to work on breathing at the specific breathing frequencies in terms of volume, coordination, endurance and strength in this specific position.


Time to go “all-out” on your last few kilometers. If your respiratory muscles become fatigued in the final discipline, you run out of breath because your respiratory frequency rises and your respiratory volume decreases, leading to inefficient breathing. With the Idiag P100, the respiratory muscles can be specifically trained for this load to ensure that you can keep your breathing frequencies and volumes at regular levels and thus the drop in performance can be delayed or prevented.

Would you like to test the Idiag P100?

We will have a presence at the Ironman Switzerland exhibition in Thun from Friday, September 3rd to Sunday, September 5th, 2021. Come by and do your first respiratory muscle training with the Idiag P100. We are looking forward to your visit!

Not convinced yet?

Then watch our tutorial videos about the functionality and benefits of respiratory muscle training.