Idiag Ambassador – Franco Marvulli

“In preparation for the Olympic Games in 2004, I worked intensively with the Idiag SpiroTiger, resulting in the silver medal. I wanted to get this feeling again, that’s why I train again with the Idiag SpiroTiger after my time as an active professional. I have integrated the Idiag M360 into my training as well, because my back is the foundation of my body. I train my back muscles 3-4 times a week and three times a year I check my progress with the Idiag M360.”

About Franco

Franco Marvulli (born on 11 November 1978, living in the region of Zurich) is a former racing cyclist. He was already very active as a child. Movement was and still is his lifeblood. Even after the end of his career in 2014, this fire never extinguished. On the contrary, he founded his own company “Go On Projects” in 2015 and has been active as a moderator, speaker and organiser ever since.
More about Franco

Franco’s success

The magic formula for success for Franco has always been: passion. This passion revived his 15 successful and exciting years as a racetrack professional. Franco won the Olympic silver medal in Athens in 2004, became 4 times World champion, 5 times European champion and 33 times Sixdays winner. Franco Marvulli has been an Idiag brand ambassador since 2002 and he is still training with the Idiag SpiroTiger very often.