Idiag Ambassador – Dominique Gisin

“The Idiag SpiroTiger made a significant contribution to my success.”

About Dominique

Dominique Gisin (born 4th of June 1985, lives in Engelberg) is a former ski racer. She was one and a half years old when she put her skis on for the first time in her life. It was the moment, when she decided to follow her biggest dream and become a ski racer. In spring 2015, she announced her retirement from competition. After her career, she completed a physics degree at the ETH in Zurich. Skiing has remained her very favourite hobby.
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Olympic champion with long breath

Dominique Gisin had several injuries and setbacks before she won gold in 2014 at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and became an Olympic champion. She experienced that respiration is an important success factor in sports, during training in the snow or training with the Idiag SpiroTiger.